Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Cosy Bed For Dogs

Just like humans, dogs too need a cozy place to rest in to get adequate energy and stay healthy & active. On average dogs sleep around 10 to 12 hours in an entire day, however, the duration of sleep can vary depending on the dog’s age and breed. Since these fluffy souls require an adequate amount of sleep daily to stay active, dog owners should consider buying the best quality dog beds. This article will be helpful for dog owners who are searching for a perfect bed for their pets.

Tips for buying the perfect dog bed

Following are the things dog owners should consider before purchasing a bed for their dog:

  • Purchase as per the length and weight of the dog
  • The weight and length of each dog differ and so are their bed sizes. Before ordering one should measure the weight and length of the dog and then choose a dog bed that will be appropriate for the dog. If the dog weighs eighteen kg or less, a small-sized bed will work, if he is anywhere between 19 to 27 kgs then a medium-sized bed will be best for him. But if one has a large dog who weighs more than 50 kg, then one needs to purchase an extra-large bed.
  • Choose the bed as per where it will be placed in the house
  • For instance, if one decides to place it in the living room, one can go for a large bed since living rooms mostly have enough space. But if one decides to place it in the bedroom, then one should opt for a medium or small-sized bed. Also if one lives in urban style home and does not have enough free space in the home, one should opt for a medium or small-sized bed.
  • Prioritize on the durability of the bed
  • Pets are notorious! Some dogs have the tendency to chew and destroy things around, and dog beds are no exception. If one’s pet has this habit, one needs to choose a bed that is made up of durable materials like the PVC or aluminum ones that are covered with durable canvas fabric. Light fabric foam-based beds are not at all a good option for ferocious dogs.
  • Consider the dog’s sleeping habits and special needs
  • Just like humans, dogs have preferences too. When choosing a dog bed one needs to consider the dog’s sleeping habits. If the dog likes to stretch his legs while sleeping, then the dog owner needs to purchase a rectangular bed where the dog will get ample amount to stretch. But if the dog prefers to sleep by curling up, a lounge and bumper bed will be the ideal choice.
  • Last but not least one also needs to take care of a dog’s allergic reactions. If the dog is allergic, the dog owner needs to strictly avoid beds with cedar chips. The best choice is to go for a 100% cotton-filling dog bed.


There are varieties of unique and colorful dog beds available in the market to choose from. Consider the above-mentioned points and pick the best one.

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