Personalized Drinking Accessories for All Occasions

Being a social person with many friends is a wonderful feeling… until it comes to thinking of unique gifts for all those birthdays and wedding anniversaries. People have had enough beautiful home décor, and nobody wants utility items unless they have a gift register.

What is the solution? Something universal that everybody likes and that is suitable for every occasion. Wine and champagne accessories are sophisticated and beautiful gifts for all occasions. Is that too impersonal? A customized champagne bottle or embossed wine glasses never go out of style.

Gift Ideas for a Party Environment

Party accessories are a perfect gift for parties, formal or informal. The only party wine accessories not appropriate for kids’ birthday parties. They are perfect for most parties. For example:

  • Birthday party of a friend or colleague
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Promotions
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor/Bachelorettes parties
  • Baby showers, too, so the mother can look forward to a time of no more abstinence
  • Formal farewell or welcome parties
  • Housewarming
  • Holiday invites
  • New Year parties

These are just some occasions where drinking accessories and alcohol itself are welcome gifts. The special touch lies in personalizing these gifts. Here are some ideas for that.

Personalizing Drinking Accessories for Gift Sets

Embossing “Congratulations” or “Happy Anniversary” or writing the name of the person the gift is for is mainstream. To make a good personalized gift, more thought has to go into making it unique. Here are some ideas for that.


People want to convey their best wishes through gifts, but writing “Best Wishes” is derivative. Etching their favorite inspirational quote or an inside joke that represents the intimacy of the friendship will convey the message.

Representative Images

Instead of embossing the names, pictorial depictions of the event make for a unique personal touch. For example, a bride and groom embossed at the bottom of an ornate wine bottle as a wedding gift.

Hidden Messages

An image becomes visible when a hot or cold liquid is poured into the personalized glass, a message on the inside of the bottle is customized straight from the vineyard. It does not get more special than that.

These customized champagne bottles or wine bottles are only available to those who manage to find a brewery or vineyard that is ready to accommodate the request. It takes rigorous planning and dedicated pulling the strings to make this happen. The end result does not look much different. It is just an embossed message. But the little things make all the difference.

These are the unique ideas to make a gift special. What these specializations are etched on makes the rest of the difference.

Drinking Accessories for Personalized Gifts

The list of drinking accessories that can be customized is endless. If one shop refuses to incorporate the idea, another will. Here are some accessories on which to make customizations easily.

  • Wine or champagne glasses.
  • Alcohol flasks.
  • Coasters.
  • Wine dispensers.
  • Wine coolers.
  • Bottle openers make a perfect canvas for hidden messages.
  • A specially ordered a customized champagne bottle.

These are just a few items that can be used for personalized gifts. The limit is where the imagination ends.


Drinking accessories can also serve as a gift for non-drinkers because they can drink just about anything from a customized mug. The point is to let the loved one remember a friend when they drink out of the cup or glass gifted by a near one.

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