Choosing a Fantastic Song for Mother-Son at a Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

Many times, grooms consider having a dance with their mothers at their wedding to commemorate their relationship. When it comes to a relationship between the couple who is going to be married and their parents, usually the bride and her father tend to get the spotlight. But what about the special relationship between a son and his mother? The dance a groom shares with his mother deserves much thought and attention. This article guides on how to choose songs for mother and son dance at weddings.

What is the mother and son dance?

The mother-son dance is a popular tradition wherein the groom shares a dance with his mother during wedding reception celebrations. The groom asks his mother to dance with him and takes her to the dance floor for this tradition. It is a time when the groom tries to make his mother feel special and joyous. The mother-son dance symbolizes the groom’s love and respect for his mother. It is a special way how the groom shows his appreciation towards his mother and takes a beat to spend some quality time with her during his wedding celebrations.

Tips for choosing the song for the mother and son dance

The songs for mother and son dance at weddings are one of the most vital things to plan. Now that wedding is a special occasion, choosing a special song for the mother-son dance is essential as it is going to stick with both of them for years. Here listed are some tips one can follow to choose the best songs for mother-son dance:

  • A childhood song

Did the groom’s mother sing a special song for him when he was a kid? If yes, then opting for the same song may be the perfect choice for the son and mother to dance at the wedding. Dancing to the lullabies or songs the groom’s mother used to sing for him during his childhood can make the wedding a more emotional and lovable occasion.

  • Focusing on the mother’s name

One of the easiest ways to choose songs for mother and son dance at weddings is to focus on the groom’s mother’s name. There are hundreds of songs that are specifically dedicated to women’s names. If there is a song with lyrics having the groom’s mother’s name, it can be perfect for the mother-son dance at the wedding.

  • Ask for the mother’s input

If a groom is finding it challenging to choose the song his mother would like, then it’s recommended to ask her for her input. Usually, women are more sentimental than men, so the groom’s mother might be better equipped to choose a perfect song.


There isn’t anything that can describe the pure and lovable relationship that a son shares with his mother, and for that reason, grooms should take the time to put some good thought into the songs on which they are going to dance with their mother on their wedding day. The more thought a groom puts into the song selection and the more meaningful it is, the more special his mother will feel on this special occasion.

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