Beautiful Sarees of North India that You Should Know About

Synonymous with elegance, a saree is an exquisite piece of ethnic wear that has been a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe for ages. The sheer resplendence of this garment has expanded its popularity all across the globe! Each drape of a saree represents the rich heritage of our country in its complete glory. As diverse as our cultures and traditions, this ensemble also has numerous regional variations that you can’t help but love! The northern region of India has made a significant contribution to the craft of saree weaving, and it has given the fashion world a wide variety of sarees that are all equally mesmerising.

So, without further ado, here are some beautiful sarees of North India that you should definitely know about:

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees

One of the most original variants, Banarasi Silk sarees stand for royalty and grandeur. These ethereal ensembles feature the finest silks and are adorned with pure silver and gold threads, making their weaving process quite an intricate and time-consuming one. The origins of this saree can be traced to a long time ago in history, which is why you can find some Mughal influences in their designs even today. The floral prints, delicate embroidery, paisleys and more breathtaking motifs on these sarees will impress you with their beauty!

  • Tissue Sarees

Crafted for the modern woman, Tissue Sarees are made of a translucent fabric that exudes charm and makes you look like a Goddess. Instead of opting for a simple kurti set as your party attire, you can take your glam quotient several notches higher by sporting a stunning Tissue saree! This material is light and airy and makes it convenient for you to move around, especially when the weather is humid. Not only that, but this outfit also showcases an array of enchanting designs like sequins, embroidery, zari work and more that will enthrall you!

  • Chikankari Sarees

There can be no woman with an interest in ethnic fashion who has not heard of the iconic Lucknowi chikan work! Chikan is a centuries old art form which is known for its delicate thread work, and it has amplified the grace of many traditional ensembles including that of the saree. Chikankari sarees are usually made from lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, malmal, and muslin. These marvellous sarees are loved by everyone who appreciates minimalism and simplicity.

  • Phulkari Sarees

The invention of Phulkari Sarees can be credited to the Jat community of Central Asia, who popularised it tremendously and which is also why these outfits have quite a close association with the Sikh heritage of Punjab. The literal meaning of the term ‘Phulkari’ is flower work, and this fantastic design has been a common feature in dupattas. But thanks to its ever-growing popularity, many sarees especially those crafted from Georgette or Chiffon also display this pretty work nowadays.

So, these were a few of the incredible sarees from North India that you must include in your personal saree collection in order to ace your style game. Due to their rising influence, many of these designs can also be seen on other ethnic apparels like salwar kameez.

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